Embedded Analytics for Higher Revenue

Whether your data is "Big" or "Small", private or public, in the same or different formats, better results require rapid synthesis of data and visualizations. By embedding analytics into existing internal and commercial applications, companies improve products and services, improve resource allocation, and address growing demand for data-driven decisions.

Marketlocity helps clients adopt embedded analytics and machine automation technologies that integrate into your products and service platforms. We help clients achieve the automation, analytical algorithms, and immersive user experiences required to unlock a new source of growth and market differentiation.

Analytics for the Past, the Present, and the Future

There is an exciting opportunity to bring new insights and a new energy into your product of service to grow revenue. While Excel, reporting, and BI have been in existence for quite some time and benefits some business functions, a recent series of data integration and web innovations have given rise to multiple new types of analytics solutions that better support the needs of field operations, manufacturing, professional services, or R&D.

> Operational Analytics for a real-time picture of a situation or a set of performance metrics
> Multi-source Analytics that provide insight based on multiple sources of data (internal, public, and/or purchased data sets)
> Self-service Analytics that enable non-technical users to generate their own reports
> Immersive Analytics that bring data to life using the most innovative techniques to shatter age-old challenges and advance

Companies who expand analytics capabilities beyond retrospective reporting to supporting forecasting and predictive views realize immediate improvements in planning and execution as well as longer term competitive advantages. Marketlocity works with customers to understand pain points and identifies the right analytics solutions that drive sustained revenue and competitive advantage.

Know More, Do Better...Today

Data and Analytics Services

Marketlocity's data and analytics practice applies world class expertise in data acquisition, quantitative methods, and business performance metrics to help our clients in matters spanning sales, digital marketing, human resources, finance and investment, operations, and customer service.​​ Marketlocity’s data and analytics practice provides expertise in the following areas to help your company grow faster by harnessing data:

  • Embedded Analytics and Machine Automation Implementation
  • Data Monetization Model Development
  • Analytics Technology Buy vs. Build Evaluation and Selection
  • Data Integration, BI, and Analytics Architecture
  • Agile Data Governance and Development
  • Advanced Algorithm and Visualization Techniques

Marketlocity’s experts identify and help implement the best data management, BI, and analytics solutions for your customers so you can take the leadership position in your market.