A Continuous Stream of Inbound Demand

The rise of mobile, social, and cloud applications and technology fundamentally alter the way consumers research and make purchases. Beyond offering a quality product and an intuitive consumer shopping experience, companies are now striving to realize and leverage the data that results when digital marketing campaigns are effectively structured. Marketlocity works with our clients to attain and surface valuable customer and prospect insight so you see constant gains from your marketing program. ​

Web, Email, AdWords, Social, LP's & CRM...Synchronized

Demand Generation Services

Marketlocity integrates your marketing tools and processes to maximize the effectiveness of lead generation programs. We help companies grow revenue through the following digital marketing and demand generation services:

  • Select, implement, and integrate the right CRM, marketing automation, landing page, email and advertising tools to increase leads and opportunities
  • Define campaign strategy, campaign spend allocation, and measure effectiveness
  • Implement email campaign, nurture streams, and waterfall lead disposition processes
  • Align, automate, and measure demand generation, nurture, and buying processes across websites, AdWords, email, CRM, and sales teams
  • Implement and optimize Google and Linked-In SEO and advertising strategies
  • Contact prospects and set meeting appointments for sales executives
  • Structure and execute A/B testing, multivariate and attribution analysis
  • Automate, host, and operate email, marketing automation and CRM tools

The Most Efficient Marketing Dollars

Email, social, web display, as well as traditional advertising venues each have strengths in expanding revenue. Marketlocity gives you the baselines, benchmarks, and analytics to make smarter investments in broadening your digital marketing reach. We help you achieve the optimal channel spend, automation platforms, and techniques based on your products, target markets, and budget. Our approach ensures you are positioned to consistently execute, analyze, and improve on each successive campaign with speed and operational efficiency. ​

We typically partner with marketing and sales leaders at software and services companies to structure and execute demand generation programs including the creation of original content. While execution and improving your sales results is the core focus, Marketlocity shares best practices and mentors members of your team during the engagement. Our demand generation engagements usually begin with a three month term with extensions as needed.